Window view!

Fensterblick aus dem Restaurant Eil.Gut in Lindau.

Fensterblick aus der Schiffsanlegestelle in Zell am See.

Fensterblick aus der Engelsburg in Rom.

Fensterblick aus der Tate über die Themse in London.


                                    ... die schönste Aussicht für alle!

Window Views

... the nicest vistas for everyone!

We all look out regularly out the window. We don't do it offhandedly. In many cases we enjoy

lovely views from the window. They give us the feeling of being at home, they have unique

perspectives, certain themes and these views can simply enchant us!

The Window Views Project is a very special one. We collect the nicest views from windows.

Everyone can take part and we wish to gather a diverse collection from all over the world. By now,

we have received photos of window views from nearly every continent. From the photos you have

sent us we create a window view calendar. We are confident that everyone has a pretty window

view, or a favourite window view to share.The first calendar was created in 2014 and in 2016 it was

further developed with peoples' personal favourites and thoughts.

Its about looking more closely at our everyday surroundings and to take pleasure from our own

window views. It can be many things; the changing of the seasons, a beautiful sunset or a little bird

in front of the window.

A view from the panorama window in the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This

view makes even some skyscrapers look like toy models.

Thank you to Thorsten.

A view from the palace of Versaille looking onto the garden. Thank you Ulla.

Please send your window views to:

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